I am available for freelance editorial and production work. See below for more details, and contact me for a quote.


Books, articles, company reports – if it’s going to be in the public eye, it’s best to run it past an editorial eye first. I offer editorial services for fiction and non-fiction text intended for print or web, as follows:

  • Structural editing: This is a major initial step in the editing process. It involves assessing a manuscript for content, flow, style and consistency, taking into account the specific needs of the target audience. For fiction, it also includes looking at story elements such as characterisation, theme and voice. If you are self publishing, I recommend putting your manuscript through a structural edit before any copy editing begins.
  • Copy editing: Distinct from structural editing, copy editing is the process of improving text according to the ‘5 C’s’ – clear, correct, concise, complete, and consistent – while retaining the author’s voice. The focus is on spelling, punctuation, grammar, jargon and semantics, as well as internal and external fact-checking (such as double-checking that references to dates or events are correct, and ensuring Jane Protagonist’s eyes aren’t green on page 42 and blue on page 112). A good copy edit tightens up and polishes a structurally sound manuscript, preparing it for typesetting and publication.
  • Proofreading: The final step in the editorial process. Once the finalised text is laid out ready for printing, I carefully check a proof copy to catch those little errors that get missed or – and it does happen – slip in during the editing and typesetting processes.

If your requirements don’t quite fit anything listed above, I may still be able to help. Email me a description of your project, and I will let you know what I can do.

Layout & production

Completing and polishing a text is only half the job. I offer the following book production services for text-only to highly illustrated books:

  • Design: For a fixed fee, I can advise you on format, stock and binding options and provide three interior layout design options based on agreed design specifications.
  • Typesetting for print: I will work with you to decide on the perfect layout design for your text, and then typeset the full book including front and back matter in InDesign and provide you with a print-ready file.
  • Printing: I can liaise with local and international printers, saving you the hassle of sourcing multiple quotes and arranging the best print solution to your project’s budget and schedule.

Contact me to talk about your project’s specific needs.


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